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Search Engine Optimization, Accessibility & Usability

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web content accessibility and usability testing provide important means for you to increase the effectiveness of your web site.

These techniques make your site available to a wider audience, which can result in an increase in your sales and revenues.

Choosing the right company for these services can be very challenging. You want a company that has experience, industry knowledge, and innovative ideas.

Our company has the background and knowledge to help you or your company succeed in reaching the widest possible audience.

This site will provide in-depth information about our background and describe the various services we offer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Magnifying Glass: Universal Icon Symbol for SearchSEO is an abbreviation of "Search Engine Optimization" (alternate spelling - Search Engine Optimisation).

It is the process of analyzing and optimizing your web site's design in order to ensure its indexing and increase its positioning in search engines.

The goal of this analysis and optimization is to make your web site and its content more attractive, relevant and visible to search engines and web searchers.

It would be terrible to have a beautifully designed web site with excellent written content, yet receive little traffic simply because your site cannot be easily found, if at all, by using a major search engine.

Our search engine optimization consultants team of our subsidiary company SEO Workers will provide you with an expert advice on your site's architecture and other needs in order to make it search engine friendly.

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Web Accessibility Testing & Consulting

Wheel Chair Icon: Universal Icon Symbol of AccessibilityAccessibility is a term that is more often associated with architectural design than Web Site Design.

This narrow focus is at the expense of a much larger segment of society such as people browsing on cell phones or PDAs, as well as those with sensory or motor impairments.

Statistics from several sources have shown that more than thirty percent of the Web Public are older persons or people with various types of disabilities.

Our company can help you make your web site more accessible and highly usable for persons with disabilities and people on the go who may be viewing your site on their cellular telephone or other portable browser.

Web accessibility guidelines, which have been legislated in many countries, can be of great importance to your on-line presence.

We will reach these needs by meeting web accessibility requirements and making your services or products easily available to more individuals, generating a greater return on your on-line investment.

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Usability Testing & Consulting

Human Head Profile: Universal Icon Symbol for MankindUsability testing is the measurement of the quality of a user's experience when interacting with a product or system.

These qualities apply to many products, whether it is a web site, software application, mobile technology, or any user-operated device.

If a visitor to your web site finds it difficult or frustrating to use, they may decide to simply take their business elsewhere.

We draw on our expertise to provide you with profitable, usable alternatives.

Our goal is for your web site to provide a rich and rewarding experience for all of your potential customers.

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Training Web Accessibility, SEO & Usability

Certificate: Universal Icon Symbol for Recognition, Achievement, CompletionIn addition to our theoretical and practical experience in the Web industry, we also possess training experience.

Our experience can benefit you in more ways than simply in what we can do for your web site.

We provide on-site courses so that you can learn the techniques and standards of Web Accessibility, Search Engine Optimization, and Usability.

On-site seminars are also available in order to provide this valuable information to both you and your personnel.

Read more about our on-site & on-line training services.