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SEO, Accessibility, Usability Audit & Training Services

Our company provides a wide variety of services to meet your web site SEO (Search Engine Optimization), accessibility, usability and training needs.

Whether you require a complete web site which will meet strict accessibility standards, a comprehensive SEO or usability analysis of your current web site, or training in the use of future-oriented web technologies, we have the expertise to assist you.

We will use our broad experience in various Internet technologies to provide you a maximum web site accessibility, search engine friendliness and usability.

Is your current Web site in need of a new look? Maybe your company does not yet have a presence on the Web.

In either case, we are prepared to create a professionally designed, developed, and tested web site that will meet your needs.

We can incorporate your existing logos and color schemes or, if you prefer, we are prepared to create stunning new graphics for your on-line presentation.

If your existing Web site requires some changes in order to meet any of a number of Internet standards, we will implement those changes while maintaining the structure and layout of your site.

Many of the alterations required to meet specific standards are not readily visible to the casual user.

We will work with you or your designers/developers to help you make accessibility, search engine optimization, and usability integral parts of your future development.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

Magnifying Glass: Universal Icon Symbol for SearchWe will analyze and/or create your web site for optimum search engine indexing and positioning, providing you with a detailed report which explains how possible problems can be repaired in order to make your web site search engine friendly and more successful.

To be more specific, here is what we will do for you:

Please be aware that we avoid spamming methods intended to manipulate search engine results.

These methods may result in higher ranking results in the short term, but are sooner or later ignored or dropped from the search engine's index.

This will put your business, and ours, at a serious risk. We voluntarily and strictly adhere to the SEO Code of Ethics.

Accessibility Testing & Consulting Services

Wheel Chair Icon: Universal Icon Symbol of AccessibilityOur staff will provide web site accessibility testing & consulting services to provide a detailed analysis of your existing Web site and its existing information structure.

We can detail the strengths and weaknesses of your site, explaining how best to achieve greater availability of your information for the average user, as well as those with disabilities.

If you require conformance with Section 508, DDA or with other local legal requirements, or even with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) specifications, we will provide a detailed evaluation of your current Web site's compliance, outlining any requisite changes.

To be more specific, your web site will:

Through all above, you will save and make more money!

Usability Testing & Consulting Services

Human Head Profile: Universal Icon Symbol for MankindTo achieve the best usability for your web site, we will work on defining your product, generating a detailed product plan and requirements for increased usability, design and implement necessary changes, and perform testing of site trials or releases.

This can be done without sacrificing your existing layout or the look of your site.

We will perform a detailed analysis of your site and consult with you to reach the widest possible audience.

To be more specific, we do the following;

Training in Web Accessibility, SEO, Usability Services

Certificate: Universal Icon Symbol for Recognition, Achievement, CompletionOur training courses are engineered specifically for web site designers, managers, SEO practitioners and anyone else involved in the development or maintenance of web sites.

Our audience includes researchers who investigate Web design issues.

Therefore we provide on-line training courses in web accessibility design, management and training, as well as on-site training seminars in web site accessibility and web site usability.

In addition, our on-line training courses in web accessibility are provided in cooperation with WebAIM.

To learn more about our training services, please visit our academy.